Scale Scenic Display Design with Linda Becker Part 2

Shaina Stern

What does it take to create a scale model of a mountain to showcase a waterfall?
Woodland Scenics products and the creative mind of Linda Becker. 
If you look at the following pictures you will get an idea of the process. 
First Linda built the platform out of wood.   On this she built the basic structure of the mountain base.

layout building


To add dimension to the basic structure Linda cover it with scrunched and crumpled brown butcher paper.  Once the butcher paper was in place Linda applied the Woodland Scenics Plaster Cloth to add strength and structure to the base. 

 plaster cloth plaster cloth
Once the plaster cloth had dried Linda applies a second coating of tinted plaster, Woodland Scenics Lightweight Hydrocal Plaster (TIP #2) to complete the look of a mountainside. This application covers the plaster cloth, adds color and more depth to the structure.
scenic paint

  TIP # 2 - By combining two steps, apply the plaster and paint at the same time,  Linda was able to save valuable time. Adding Woodland Scenics Earth Colors Liquid Pigment, in various colors like Earth Undercoat and Burnt Umber, Linda was able to expedite her process and skip having to wait for the plaster to dry and then color it. she combined multiple colors to achieve the effect. You could also have multiple tubs of plaster dyed in various colors to use as needed.

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