Scale Scenic Display Design with Linda Becker Part 3

Shaina Stern

Linda continues to add more color to the mountain structure and prepares it for the ground cover.  

Scale Scenic Display Design Paint

To apply the ground cover adhesive Linda uses the Scenic Sprayer. She dilutes the Scenic Glue with water inside the bottle.  Working on a small section she spritzes the glue mixture where she feels the turf would naturally grow.

 Scale Scenic Display Design Turf

Once the water/glue mixture is applied,

TIP # 3 Linda gently tosses the Woodland Scenics Blended Turf material and allows it to fully dry.

If she feels that it needs more she turf she repeats the process.  Once it is dry Linda goes back over area with a large fluffy paint brush to remove the excess, unnecessary material.

 Products used: Scenic Glue, Woodland Scenics Blended Turf: Green Blend, Scenic Sprayer, and 1" Blending Mop Brush.

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