A 49ers Bar

Shaina Stern

When Shantele came into Dollhouses, Trains & More and told me she needed some flooring for her "Woman Cave";  I wanted to hear more. Instead of just hearing more, I got to see more. She showed me the bar that is the anchor for her room, and I knew I had to share it with everyone.  When she told me how she personalized the bar, and it reminded me how resourceful miniature crafters are. Here is the original bar as purchased:
A 49ers Bar
And here is the bar now:
A 49ers Bar
First, she painted the bar and stools to achieve the scarlet red color she needed for the 49er's look.  Then she made use of items from the 49er's store.  The stool and bar top logos are tattoo stickers.  The banner around the middle of the bar is a logo ribbon. 
Simply ingenious! And the finishing details are very well executed. 
Shantele, thank you for sharing with us and reminding everyone to look at the items around you for other uses.
Do you have special project?  Let us know about it.  Send us some pictures and the story behind it. 
Love to hear from you.

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  • Thank you Maria
    Your advice that you always give when I come into the store are both motivational and inspirational.


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