February and March 2018 Pocket Party Class

The inspirational word for the February and March classes is tea. 

Our classes in February and March will be creating the tea space you’ve always dreamed about -- or maybe that Tea Room of your wildest imagination. It’s your choice.  We will be building and decorating the Asahii Tea House from Geenleaf Dollhouses.

The February and March Pocket Party Classes are scheduled for
Saturday, February 17th and March 17th, 2018
from 10AM to 1PM
Remember to bring along your crafting tools including . . .
 scissors, tweezers, patience and magnification glasses if needed.
I ask that you bring items that you would like to place
on the exterior and interior walls of the building structure
and/or landscaping features you would like to include.  
Cost for each class is $25.00


I love having tea at Tal-Y-Tara in San Francisco. I have always found it to be a lovely, eclectic tea room where you can enjoy tea with friends.  

Another inspiration is the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. When the cherry blossoms are in bloom, the Tea House is a magical place to visit and enjoy tea.

The real question is what would you do, and/or where would you like, to have that amazing cup of tea?  Many options come to mind! 

  What’s your inspiration?


See you there.


Minis Manager



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