It's Been a Long Time

Ashley Albertson

It has been too long since we last blogged about our Miniature Department and our Pocket Party Classes. 

All is well. 

Of course that is if you discount the turmoil created when we upgraded our Point of Sale (POS) System, Data Base System and all associated hardware. Shall I just say that it did not go as smoothly as we were expecting?  But we've made it! Its going to be a great 2018.

For this first post in many months, and at this time of year, when we are all in holiday chaos, I wanted to remind you that our days can usually be that way anyway.

I would like to introduce you to Lauren who has a very fun attitude toward life with active children. Lauren is a customer of Dollhouses, Trains & More and can been seen searching for that perfect item to reflect her daily life in miniature.  As she states "real scenes from my family's life -- miniaturized -- to put things, well, into proper perspective" 


        Miniatures             miniatures


If you enjoy the humor and artistic quality of Lauren's work check out her Instagram feed at 

Thank you Lauren for sharing you wonderful outlook on life and allowing us to laugh along with you!

I have to say I love it.  I can relate to it and laugh along with it.  Hope you do too.


Mini's Manager




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