A Unique Cabinet Dollhouse in Northern California

Shaina Stern

Cabinet doll houses, sometimes know as baby houses, have been around since the 16th century. Each house was unique as they were constructed on a custom basis by individual craftsmen for wealthy patrons. This ended with the the advent of the Industrial Revolution when dollhouses houses were mass produced.
I am happy to tell you that a beautiful unique crafted cabinet doll house was lovingly constructed here in Northern California. 
This past Christmas a long time customer, Randy, surprised his wife, Pat, with her own very special cabinet doll house. 
Randy created this unique cabinet house from a tree that fell on their property. 
Randy's Custom Cabinet Dollhouse
So you can understand the scale here is a picture of Pat next to her dolls house cabinet.
A Unique Cabinet Dollhouse in Northern California
How did he do that? 
Well Randy is a master wood craftsman and owns Coburn's Construction and Cabinetry in Willits.  He knows what he is doing! And it shows.
Randy's Custom Cabinet Dollhouse
Pat and Randy come by the store on a regular basis to buy the pieces to fill the rooms.  Making the cabinet house their own.
Randy's Custom Cabinet Dollhouse
Pat has been collecting miniatures for sometime. 
Of course she is always on the look out for that special piece she can't live with out to go in the special place in any one of the beautiful cabinet rooms.
Randy's Custom Cabinet Dollhouse
Pat and Randy I want to thank you for sharing your beautiful cabinet house with us. 
It has been lovingly made, furnished with love and it shows. 
We look forward to you sharing your cabinet house with us as you continue to furnish it. 
See you soon.
Mini Dept. Manager

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