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New German Miniatures

Shaina Stern

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New German Miniatures

We are in love with these new wooden miniatures made in Germany by Volker Arnold. The details are absolutely amazing! We have assembled pieces and kits to build it yourself! If you choose a kit, don't forget to get magnification glasses and small tweezers! It's a must with kits this small. Shop the collection online here.

APRIL 2018 Pocket Party Class

During this class we will be creating miniatures gardens for your Wee folk to inhabit. And I do mean wee. This class will be held on Saturday April 21, from 10am - 1pm Remember to bring along your crafting tools including . . .  scissors, tweezers, patience and magnification glasses if needed. I ask that you bring a tea cup to fill.  (I found mine at the local thrift store. Maybe you have one lying around the house.) And any other tiny items you wish to place in your wee garden. Cost for the class is $25.00 Otherwise all other supplies...

February and March 2018 Pocket Party Class

The inspirational word for the February and March classes is tea.  Our classes in February and March will be creating the tea space you’ve always dreamed about -- or maybe that Tea Room of your wildest imagination. It’s your choice.  We will be building and decorating the Asahii Tea House from Geenleaf Dollhouses. The February and March Pocket Party Classes are scheduled for Saturday, February 17th and March 17th, 2018 from 10AM to 1PM Remember to bring along your crafting tools including . . .  scissors, tweezers, patience and magnification glasses if needed. I ask that you bring items that you...

Family Portraits

Using photos of her own family, DTM customer Christy created her own miniature portrait collection! We love that she decided to display them on this custom skeleton table! It's perfect for the upcoming autumn months.  Making your own framed pictures is very easy. 1. Simply pick up some empty miniature frames. 2. Using your favorite pictures on your computer, resize them down to the same size as your tiny frame! You can print tons of pictures on only one sheet of card stock or photo paper. If printing a painting, use watercolor paper! The texture of the paper will resemble...

Pocket Party February 2017 Class

Pocket Party February 2017 Class

Our February PPC Mini DIY class is scheduled for Saturday, February 18th from 10 AM - 1 PM. I have named this class Under Dome Art.  On a recent trip, I saw some under dome pieces which inspired me to try to come up with a mini version. If you do a web search, the vast array of dome glass art is overwhelming.  They vary widely from the grotesque to the glorious, from the macabre to the serene.  Here are just a few examples:   In class, we will be making two Under Glass Dome projects. The first will be the mini...