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Rheingold Locomotive


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Rheingold Locomotive 54563

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Locomotive with tender with 3 axles powered directly or through side rods. Built-in sound effects circuit and built-in smoke generator. Digital high-efficiency propulsion for operation with AC power, DC power, or Märklin Delta/Digital. Adjustable maximum speed, and acceleration and braking delay. The smoke generator can be turned on and off in digital operation. It can be turned on and off by means of a switch when the locomotive is operated with DC power, AC power, or Märklin Delta. The steam locomotive sound effects vary with the speed of revolution of the driving axles. The direction dependent triple headlights can be turned on and off in digital operation. These lights are on constantly in operation with DC power, AC power or with Märklin Delta. The brightness of these lights depends on the amount of voltage present in the track. Maintenance free LED's for lighting. One each figure of an engineer and fireman included. Minimum radius required for operation 1,020 mm / 40-5/32". Length over buffers 67.0 cm / 26-3/8".

1 Gauge

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