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Union Cavalry Private #3


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Union Cavalry Private #3

William Britain

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The American Civil War, or the War between the States, was fought between 1861 and 1865. It was perhaps one of the most defining and tragic chapters in American history. It is also known as one of the 'modern wars' with a grim preview of what was to come in future conflicts.

Union horse soldiers carried a wide variety of revolvers, but most popular were the .36-caliber Model 1851 Colt Navy, the .44-caliber Model 1860 Colt Army, and the .44-caliber Remington 'New Model' Army. The Colt plant at Hartford, Connecticut, manufactured more than 200,000 Navy Colts between 1851 and 1865. The federal government purchased 107,156 Army Colts. It also ordered 125,314 Remingtons during the second half of the Civil War.

Each figure is approximately 3.5" tall.

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