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Star Wars Master Series TIE Fighter Model Kit


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Star Wars Master Series TIE Fighter Model Kit 5092


Item #REV5092

Skill level 5
Scale: 1/48
Length: 5-1/4"
Wingspan: 5-1/8"
Height: 6-3/16"
Parts: 43

The TIE (Twin Ion Engine) Fighter is the primary combat vehicle of the Empire. It is manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems along with the other TIE Fighter designs. This basic TIE Fighter is equipped with twin engines which give it high speed capabilities while maintaining superior maneuverability. The distinctive twin hexagon solar panels supply all the power to the fighter. However the TIE Fighter does not have a life support system and the pilot must rely on his sealed suit for his air supply. The TIE Fighter pilot takes an oath of loyalty to the Emperor and is willing to die if necessary. So the TIE Fighter lacks an ejection system to save weight.


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