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Star Wars Master Series X-wing Fighter Model Kit


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Star Wars Master Series X-wing Fighter Model Kit 5091


Item #REV5091

Skill level 5
Scale: 1/48
Length: 10-11/16"
Wingspan: 8-3/4"
Height: 2-13/16"
Parts: 141

The Incom Corporation developed the X-wing Fighter as both an interceptor and a dogfighter. It became the primary combat vehicle of the Rebel Alliance. With its double wing design it has been a very versatile weapon in the fight to defeat the evil Empire. The X-wing is equipped with 4 laser cannons, a pair of proton torpedo launchers, deflector shields and a hyper drive. The laser cannons can fire singly or in combination. While the X-wing does not have an on-board navigation computer, the pilot relies on the astromech droid to calculate the jump to hyperspace. The deployment of the wings from cruise to attack modes is regulated by twin S-foil servomotors.

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