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36" Pushrod Flexcable with 2-56 Clevis


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36" Pushrod Flexcable with 2-56 Clevis

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RC Part

Cable Type Gold-N-Rods feature a Brass Plated Stainless Steel or Zinc Plated Steel Multistrand Cable, a Nylon Housing, Plated Hardened Steel Gold-N-Clevises and Brass Couplers.

To install, cut the housing and cable to length. Glue the housing into the model. Attach a Brass Coupler or Clevis to one end (by soldering, gluing or crimping). Insert the cable, and attach a Coupler or Clevis to the other end. Thread Clevis(es) onto the Coupler(s); you need a Coupler on at least one end for adjustability.


  • 36" L x .056" Diameter - Flexible Multistrand Cable (1)
  • Yellow Nylon Tube (1)
  • 2-56 Gold-N-Clevis (2) with Retaining Clips (2)
  • 2-56 Brass Coupler (2)

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