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Back to the Future Electric Slot Car Race Set RDZSRS297

Auto World

Item #RDZSRS297

Who out there doesn't long to take just one gigawatt blasting' spin in the awesome Back to the Future Time Machine? With this Back to the Future Electric Slot Car Race Set, you can relive all of the g-force excitement of time travel. Race around the huge 20-foot track with Marty McFly's DeLorean Time Machine and Biff Tannen's 1946 Ford in one of the 2 exclusive X-Traction slot cars included in this set. Great Scott a race-set this exciting could only be invented by those mad scientists at Auto World! The 20 feet of track features multiple curves and a time loop. Clock Tower cardboard building and road signs included. Ages 14 and up.


1x 15" Terminal track 
8x 9" Radius Curve track (1/4 circle) 
4x 9"Radius curve track (1/8 circle) 
2x 3" Straight track 
4x 9" Straight track 
1x Loop base 
4x Curved loop track 
6x Curved loop fastener 
2x Speed controller 
13x Guard rails 
32x Sign poles 
1x Sign sticker sheet 
14x Track support 
136x Track support pillar 
1x Loop graphics 
1x Clock tower 
2x X-Traction Racer 
1x Power pack
1x Track cleaning pad
1x Instructions for assembly

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