LED Strip Light, 12 Cool White

Creative Reproductions 2 Scale

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LED Strip Light, 12 Cool White 801-12

Creative Reproductions 2 Scale
Item # CR2S 801-12

12 Cool White LEDs on 8" Tape Ribbon with soldered 6" lead wire.

Each tape ribbon has an adhesive backing making it very easy to install.  These LEDs work with a direct current only, so you will have to use a 12 volt, voltage regulated power supply to be able to use them. REQUIRES A 12 VOLT REGULATED DC POWER SUPPLY.

All of these LEDs have 120 degree angle of view.

 Color Choice:
    Warm White--2800-3200 kelvin (has a yellow cast and considered closest to an incandescent bulb)
    Pure White--4800-6000 kelvin (closest to all white light)  Best for over-all illuminating of a roombox or individual rooms of a dollhouse.  Works well in conjunction with incandescent lights in the display
     Cool White--6000-10,000 kelvin (has a blue cast and considered closest to outdoor light)

If you want something smaller, take a look at our LED Ribbon.  The LED Ribbon is only 1/8 inch wide and uses the extremely small CR2S 610 or 611 Nano LED.



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