Bi Pin, T 1/2 Warm White

Creative Reproductions 2 Scale

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Bi Pin, T 1/2 Warm White 1009-2

Item # 1009-2

T 1/2 Bi Pin, Warm White


Life: 16,000 hrs.

2 per package

These new Replacement Bulbs are rated at 16,000 hours of use.  Over three times longer than what has been available in the past.  These incandescent, bi-pin Replacement Bulbs are a tiny 2.0mm in size and come in two different brightnesses.  The 1 CR2S-1009-2 has a .03 candle power at 30 ma. and closest in brightness to your exhisting bulb.  the CR2S-1010-2 bulb is exactly the same size but has a .07 candle power at 50 ma.

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