1" LED Flickering Log n Flame

Creative Reproductions 2 Scale

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1" LED Flickering Log and Flame 201

Item#: 201

This new Flickering Log n' Flame works on your 12 volt, AC or DC, dollhouse system;  a 9 volt battery; or a 6 volt battery pack.  Making these perfect for small dioramas or your doll house.  I  make the log 'n flame in three sizes; 1" scale, 1/2" scale and 1/4" scale.  All Three will in no way interfere with the lights in the rest of your display.

Overall dimensions for the 1" scale log 'n flame is:  1.6" x .7" x .65"

This item is in a 1:12 miniature scale (1 inch=1 foot). 

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