Lantern Style Landscape Lights

Creative Reproductions 2 Scale

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Lantern Style Landscape Lights 400

Creative Reproductions 2 Scale
Item # CR2S 400

Lantern Style Landscape Lights, Set of 3

Small coach lamp style landscape lights.  Package of 3.  The light is 1/2" tall and only 1/4" round.  There is a 12 volt grain of rice incandescent light bulb inside each metal light.

     These Lantern miniature landscaping lights are only 9/16th inches tall.  They are made of metal with a non-replaceable bulb but when installed as instructed will last well over 10,000 hours.  These new lights have a 12 volt grain of rice bulb sealed inside.  They come in a package of 3. They can be mounted directly to the ground or placed on a small brass tube to raise them in the garden.

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