One-Forty St. Charles Place - Newsstand Daily

Department 56

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One-Forty St. Charles Place - Newsstand Daily 13602

Department 56
Item # 13602
Monopoly Brand City Lights Series

Size: 13 x 6 x 6 inches

Extra Extra Read all about it! The presses are rolling and report of the unique weather vane atop this building are making front page NEWS. While the classified section features prime Boardwalk real estate, the real scoop at this newsstand is the top hat game token complete with a press badge hidden between the lines and a dedicated paperboy accessory with the best route in town. Reminiscent of the old-fashioned urban architecture of the 1930's, "Newsstand Daily" contains its own pewter accessory, has a game token masterfully worked into its design and is painted in authentic Monopoly Money colors. The front entrance resembles a deed card, and when lined up with the other Monopoly Brand Citylights buildings, the sidewalk looks like the spaces on the Monopoly Game Board.

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