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Department 56

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Department 56 Violin Maker 4044782

Department 56
Item # 4044782
Alpine Village

Size: 6.06 x 4.06 x 5.71"

Coordinates with: Christmas Market, Musicians (DEPT4044786)

The Klotz family had begun building stringed instruments in Middenwald, Germany during the 17th century. This was the same time that Statavari became well known in Italy. Born in 1656, Matthias Klotz founded a school for violin making in Middenwald. His son, Sebastian, and grandson, Joseph, both followed the family trade, and taught others so that Middenwald became well know for finely crafted instruments. Look through the large front and side windows at a detailed sculpted interior scene. The display includes several dimensional stringed instruments including violins, and a cello. Decal art depicts a harp, mandolin, and viola. Outside, holiday greens overflow from the beautiful flower boxes which line the upper story windows and fill the flower pots that welcome guests through the front door. A wood pile is stacked neatly on one side, the proprietor can easily fill the fireplace through the small door in the chimney. The wreath above the entrance reminds us that it's Christmastime, and charming sculpted details are typical for the Alpine Village. The term "Geigen" on the sign translates to Violins. "Seit 1656" means since 1656. 56 was chosen for Dept 56, but is also the birth year of Matthias Klotz, the Klotz family patriarch. The intricately detailed lighted buildings and accessories of this series are as unique and diverse as the towns and hamlets in the Alpine and Bavarian regions they represent. Hand-crafted and hand-painted porcelain lit building. Includes light cord and bulb.

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